When you can only have the best digital marketing in Manchester, NH and have it ready when you want it.

 Ctrl Digital Marketing is your only choice.

Why Ctrl?

Manchester, NH based Ctrl Digital Marketing is here to perfect your online presence. Using a wide variety of bleeding edge technology and science, Ctrl Digital Marketing takes back control of your online presence.  Placing you in the position to succeed online and in the real world.  With proven internet marketing techniques that take your website from eh…. to WHOA!  Every business deserves a place on the internet and we provide the services to match any companies marketing budget.  Let us take control of your digital presence and be ultimately impressed and content knowing that you are in partnership with the most talented and responsive digital marketing company in the world. Well, that’s our opinion, but we really do love what we do.


  • Responsive Web Design 50%
  • Digital Marketing 30%
  • Branding 20%
  • Online Presence 100%
Tim Francis

Tim Francis


  • 20+ years marketing experience
  • 20+ years design experience
  • Network+ Certified
  • 15+ years of web design experience

There isn’t much that Tim Francis doesn’t know how to do online.  Well, in business in general for that matter.  One of the first things Tim ever remembers asking for when he was 4 years old was a computer.  He hasn’t stopped since then.

Training on some of the most advanced hardware and software in the industry, Tim Francis is fully invested in the time and training needed to be at the top of the digital marketing industry.  Tim takes a personal stake in each client that Ctrl Digital Marketing brings on.

He loves to have a hands on approach with the clients and can be reached at any time. This way you know you are in good hands with your online presence.

“Customer service is my number one priority when it comes to client relationships. Without trust and complete disclosure, a great business cannot be developed.  I look forward to each new client launch day of a campaign or showing a new website to the client because they are all my children and I take personal pride in that.” -Tim Francis