Help My Web Designer disappeared

What to look for when hiring a web developer


This is all too common when we first talk with a website design client.

They hired someone and that web designer has taken their money and ran. Many times making excuses to why they haven’t finished the project or have lost all contact altogether. Leaving them with an unfinished website and an unprofessional look online. These can be family members that have graduated from college and they think ” I’ll let little so and so build it for a big discount and they will get some exposure.” This can be so dangerous. You are putting your name and company image online in the hands of a beginner. If this has happened there is no need to worry. We can help. But here are some tips to find a good website designer before you hire them.


1. How long have they been creating websites?

This is very important. If you are hiring someone who has never built a professional website there are a lot of issues that they will run into. This can lead to them being overloaded and not willing or able to finish your site. Ctrl Digital Marketing has been doing this since email came out. Just saying.

2. Do they have a portfolio you can look at?

While some web designers are proficient at designing a website the design may not be best suited for your industry. Is it the best at converting lookers into leads? This is important. Can it be searched correctly on the search engines? This is very important. If these can’t be answered clearly and easily then you might need to look for a pro.

3. Cost isn’t always king.

People tend to get sticker shock when they see the prices of a top quality website design and development. They then say my cousin said they would do it for $300. Please see #1. This happens all the time and Ctrl Digital Marketing is happy to pick up the pieces. A website that was never done. One that was done very poorly. All of these things happen. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

So when you are looking for a web designer or a web developer in the Pompano Beach, FL, and Orlando, FL areas you should check these three things. Ctrl Digital Marketing is able to review your website and see what can be done. Quickly and effectively. We hope this short article helps you in choosing your next project.


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