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You have an awesome website but when you look for it online it’s nowhere to be found. Why is that? There a ton of reasons. The easiest way to explain it is because you need SEO for your website. SEO is used to help the search engines find out what you are all about. When the website has correct SEO the search engine is able to send out its little spiders to crawl all over your site. They then bring back the SEO optimized information and rank you accordingly. Making sure your website is SEO optimized is essential to be found online. If you do not have this it’s like taking your business card you spent all your time designing and throwing it into the ocean, with a hope and a prayer someone finds it.


Well, that’s not what a website is all about.

We help you get found online

An SEO optimized website by Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL will bring customers to you. When they search for your service or product you want to be on that first page of the search engines. This is because 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine result. This one fact shows it’s essential for your business to invest what it takes to get that first-page result.

Want to know another mind-blowing SEO fact?

-70% of people never leave the first page of Google when searching for a local business.

That’s a huge part of the market. Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL has you covered in all of your SEO needs.

There are many aspects of SEO that need to be implemented for a successful SEO campaign. At Ctrl digital marketing in Pompano Beach, FL we have the ability to understand what the search engines want.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the key to getting new customers and clients for your business. This is done by creating organically keyword rich SEO on page content. When placed correctly on the website using the best SEO practices you website becomes the money making tool you want it to be. It helps you get found on the biggest search engines such as google. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that the experts at Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL can handle. Getting your newly search engine optimized website ranked on google with the best SEO available is what you really need to get the conversions needed for people to contact you. We like to describe SEO as a bicycle wheel. There are many spikes on this SEO wheel to make sure it works perfectly. If one spoke isn’t tuned correctly the wheel is off balance. 

Search engines look at 100s of things to see what SEO is best on a website. At Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL we know them all and have the proof. All of our clients are on the first page of google. We make sure of it. When we are hired to implement the correct SEO for a website we use all the tools available. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We search engine optimize it.

With over 20 years experience we can take a website from ho-hum to BLAST OFF!!

If you have an existing website that needs SEO we can do that too. Our team of SEO experts in Pompano Beach, FL can jump in your existing website and create the SEO rich content that you need to rank so much higher in the search engines.


We can prove it too!!

Our team at Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL take all of that data and sends you reports to show you how you are improving. But that doesn’t mean anything. You WILL see more people in your store, more phone calls, more appointments booked, MORE REVENUE.




Some good questions to ask yourself

Is there enough content?

This is a major factor in organic SEO ranking. Many websites, while they look nice, don’t have enough content. That’s not the only thing though. You have to have great content that the search engines know how to rank. 

How do I know if i have seo?

That’s easy. If you search for what your service or product do you show up? 

If not then you don’t have an SEO optimized website. At Ctrl Digital Marketing, we know all the secrets to getting you ranked correctly organically on the search engines.

Should I just copy what’s out there at the top of Google?


Copying content is huge no no. That will actually penalize you. Writing specific quality content is just one part of a huge wheel when it comes to website SEO optimization. Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL is the expert at tuning that wheel.



Is your company struggling to get ranked correctly for you local area market on google? 

We know how to create the best local SEO for a business in Pompano Beach. Ctrl Digital Marketing in Pompano Beach, FL knows how to optimize your listings on Google My Business. Submit your search engine optimized website to google search console. Also we make sure you know exactly how it’s working with reports from google analytics. Local SEO in Pompano Beach, FL is a skill that Ctrl Digital Marketing understands. We grew up here and know what your marketing needs to bring customers in the door and using SEO to help you be found first on google. 


The convergence of art and engineering. Deliverables were consistently early and on budget. Web content and SEO second to none. Tim set lofty goals for us and absolutely over delivered!

Andrew West | Bonfire Recovery

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

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