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Ctrl Digital Marketing was founded in 2015 by Tim Francis. A super-nerd from a young age. He was looking to create a company that can provide a smaller business with the power to compete with the mega-giants that seem impossible to catch.

Now at Ctrl Digital Marketing, we have developed a process of discovery that helps any business get to the first page of search engines. Right, right, we know. Everyone says that. Well, we got the proof in the pudding, and who doesn’t love pudding. We sure do. Chocolate. Just in case you were wondering.

Our digital content creators make a special blend of pizzazz, truth, and love. We are kinda special and we kinda want to brag about it. So here goes. They create concise, correct, consolidated, compelling, and consistently crawled content. Phew. Alliteration Nice. This pushes your online addiction treatment center’s website rankings to the stratosphere. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Contact us to get actual, factual data. SCIENCE!!

For those sitting in the back, we have to say this the loudest.




At Ctrl Digital Marketing we only create ethical digital marketing campaigns for addiction treatment centers. We don’t trick anyone. Our clients or yours. If you want to know how serious we are about this we created a whole page just on our mission of integrity.

Ctrl Digital Marketing specializes in the addiction treatment atmosphere. We create SEO-optimized websites designed to find you your client base. We also use direct PPC advertising to target those in need. We can help with the legit script process to make getting your advertising up and running as stress-free as possible. 

So if you want to join our amazing addiction treatment center family and take your company to the moon. We are ready to help.

20 years of CREATING DREAMS and Making realites online our #1 priority.



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Meet Our Daring Dashing and Dedicated Team.

Tim Francis

Tim Francis


Tim Francis has had an unhealthy infatuation with computers since he was 4. It was actually the first thing he ever asked for when it was Christmas. Installing Windows at 6 because his parents couldn’t figure out the 18,000 floppies. Then Prodigy at 7 when the internet hit at mind-boggling speeds of 28kbps. He began his graphic design career at 7 with Print Shop. I mean the guy dropped out of high school because it was too boring and got his first degree at 19 in Digital Media. His tenacity at being the absolute reference for information in the digital realm makes him a gun in the industry. Tim Francis personally is involved in the entire process of development and implementation and won’t stop till he feels the project, no matter what the size, is the best it can be. We aren’t going to lie. He’s some kinda mutant renaissance guy. If he wants to do something he wants to know every aspect of it. From musical instruments, motorcycles, cars, business, and technology. Here’s a fun fact. He has forgotten more than most people will ever learn about every kind of battery you can think of. You are in good hands with Tim as the Captain at the helm of your digital flagship.

We are absolutely committed to placing our addiction treatment digital marketing clients in the best possible position on Google and Bing with data-driven results based on their consumer's interests and needs.

Is your addiction treatment center struggling to get ranked on google?

Many times we find that our addiction treatment website clients have tried their hardest to get placed correctly on search engines. There are so many elements involved in getting the SEO you need to get to the top of Google. We understand this can be a daunting process and frustrating. Ctrl Digital Marketing provides a complete overview of what it takes to achieve an amazing ranking for your addiction treatment center on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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